Foam Machine & Foam Pit

Foams Of Fun For Everyone!!!

Looking for the next form of entertainment that will transform your birthday party, festival, family reunion, summer camp, fundraiser, or corporate party; then look no further!!!


This awesome super E foam machine unit with all of it’s components weighs a mere 15 pounds. Foam machine produces over 500 cubic feet of foam in less than 10 minutes and can fill a 20 ft x 20 ft square to four feet foam pit in under three minutes. The unit plugs straight into the water source and only requires one plug for the low voltage compact fan.



Foam Pit:

Blue and yellow foam pit is made of lightweight nylon coat PVC(oxford cloth) and works great for outdoor and backyard parties. Pit is floor-less and only weighs 21 pounds.


Foam Solution:

Party Foam” is easy to work with. Simply reconstitute by adding it to 120 ounces of ordinary tap water in a gallon container, place the siphon hose in the container and turn the machine on. It’s that simple. Deep white fluffy foam will be produced instantly.


As “Party Foam” dries, it evaporates to leave next to nothing behind. And remember, “Party Foam” is made from biodegradable, non-toxic, cosmetic grade surfactants and has no artificial fragrances, dyes, or harsh smelling ingredients, thus making your festivities as safe as possible.

Foam Machine & Foam Pit

Foam machine rentals includes:
-Foam pit
-High output foam machine
-Specialty foam party fluid

Foam Machine & Foam Pit

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